Grief, 2020

This is a work I completed as part of a CEAD Bronze course I undertook from September to March 2020. This is an extra-curricular course NCAD offers from 6:30pm to 9:00pm every Wednesday during term time. During this course I learnt the basics in wax working and modelling. I learnt how to make a good mixture of microcrystalline and modelling wax for pouring bronze. I was taught how to sprue and also model soft wax by hand.

I decided to make this piece as a dedication to by dog that had passed away in August 2018. I cast my hands in Alginate holding his collar. From this I took a wax cast that I then proceeded to do wax working on the cast to eliminate any surface and texture errors that had occurred. Once finished the wax was taken to the foundry and I got it back after two weeks. I filed away any excess metal that had been left behind after the pouring process. Once cleaned and smoothed to my desired affect I began to patinate the piece. I decided to go with a black patina as this would enable the grooves of the collar and the name Scampy on the tag to stand out once the excess is brushed away. Finally I polished the bronze with bees wax to bring up the desired level of shine.

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