Stuck Within, 2019

This is an work is from my first year end of year exhibition May 2019. I built a 1.2 meter timber cube frame. I braided 40 meters of plastic bags and wrapped it around the frame. I also wrapped fishing wire, unbraided plastic bags and cling film around the frame.

I was researching dwellings at the time and this seperate idea came to me. I wanted to stay in the cube during the exhibition. I became interested in the idea of entrapment. I wanted to visibly show this idea, and this was how the idea of the cube came about. The various forms of plastic are representative of life’s struggles. That even if a person might face struggles and difficulties there is always a way out, and while I may be “trapped” in life’s situations I can still be comfortable within them. This is why there is a soft blanket and cushions present to convey a sense of comfort within restraint.

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