Trapped Emotions, 2021

During a trimester of study in the University of Fine Arts in PoznaƄ Poland I was allowed to choose my own project. I am rather interested in human emotions and the colours associated with each emotion. The way I see it, having and expressing ones emotions is a very natural part of being a human being. I wanted to capture these emotions in a physical form.

I decided I would make ten figures that encompass ten different emotions. During the earlier part of the semester I experience a sensory overload and then shutdown caused by a sudden loud noise. These experience are common for me and I have many coping strategies to deal with them, but on this day the failed to help. So I ended up making in clay what I was feeling in that moment. The tactility of the clay and the focus required to express my emotions helped elevate the stress and anxiety I was experiencing.

I decided this needed to become part of the project I was working on. The vision was to have a larger version of the anxiety head placed on a plinth with coloured ribbons balled up in its mouth. This represents the tangled emotions inside of us. The ribbons would continue out from the base of the sculpture and drape to the ground. Each coloured ribbon would connect under the matching coloured figure.

This display would show all the different emotions we keep tangled up within us and how it damages our mental health.

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