Still Nature, 2021

At the beginning of a trimester of study abroad in the University of Fine Arts in Poznań Poland I was given the theme “Still Nature” by the tutors. This is interesting due to it having an odd translation in Polish meaning “Dead Nature”.

  I am rather interested in human emotions and the colours associated with each emotion. The way I see it, having and expressing ones emotions is a very natural part of being a human being. I wanted to capture these emotions in a physical form.

I decided to make seven sculptural figures from a mould and paint them in seven different colours to represent different emotions. I simultaneously would make seven paintings to accompany these figures. Each painting is tied to a figure through the colour of its background.

The painting figure combination acts as a snapshot into the emotion, a moment of stillness within the feeling. It is because of this I feel it fits well into the theme of still nature.

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